Den professionelle skiatlet Christoph Krenn og Adria Alpina: Et stærkt team!

Et godt team på jagt efter World Cup points


Since the current World Cup season, GEBETSROITHER has been supporting the ÖSV professional alpine skiing athlete Christoph Krenn with a well-equipped Adria Alpina 583 LP caravan. Christoph uses it as a homebase for his training activities and racing weekends all over Europe. Now it is also clear why the choice fell on an Alpina, because it offers unbeatable properties and features for year-round camping.

Christoph has been able to convince himself of these and was quickly enthusiastic about this great caravan! But read for yourself, in his report he explains what he particularly appreciates about his new travel-companion:

A caravan to feel good!

Regardless of the temperature, the Adria Alpina from Gebetsroither is ready for anything. The pleasant floor and wall heating doesn't make you believe how cold it really is outside.

The interior is very luxurious and offers a sensational feeling of space. My girlfriend, our dog and I are often out and about together and never have the feeling that we don't have enough space. The storage spaces are generous and easily accessible.

Perfect team!
Sufficient space as far as the eye can see...
Christophs Alpina 583 LP with Special exterior design!

I my opinion the kitchen is extremely practical and functional. The hob and sink are, so to speak, made of one piece and connected to one another, so that the dirt from the stove can be pushed directly into the sink. 

The cover of the sink doubles as a cutting board. Also included as standard is an attachment for draining dishes that fits exactly on the glass plate of the stove. I think that's very well thought out. 

The whole thing is completed with a large fridge + freezer, an oven and a microwave, so everything is really there.

In the well-equipped kitchen you can also prepare special athlete menus without any problems!
Feel-good room under the unique panorama window to relax after exhausting days of competition.

The panorama window in the front is an absolute dream and lets us enjoy the beautiful view of nature in the morning. Sufficient natural light sources are really provided, but the ambient lighting in the evening is also really very classy.

When it comes to sleeping, I can only say that I can start the day well rested every morning.It is our first Gebetsroither caravan and we could not have dreamed of how much luxury, fun and joy this device offers us. We are absolutely thrilled!

The Alpina: the perfect companion even in the coldest winter!
Christoph in action at the FIS World Cup run in Val d'Isere.

You can find more about Christoph on his official website at https://christophkrenn.com/#home

Text and pictures: Christoph Krenn